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We offer a full range of services for our clients in the handling of a broad array of litigation risks encountered by businesses throughout California, Colorado and Nevada.

We specialize in representing manufacturers, retailers and contractors in the areas of employment, consumer protection, personal injury, construction and real estate law.

You will find us at the intersection of insurance and commerce: Our practice began with the representation of businesses of all sizes and from a wide array of industries on behalf of the insurance companies from whom they purchased commercial general liability policies. As insurance defense attorneys, we have never wavered from maintaining a laser focus on protecting the interests of the businesses we represent. From our excellent client service and outstanding results, our practice grew as the businesses we represented began requesting us when they changed insurers. As we proved ourselves to those new insurers, they began hiring us to represent their other commercial insureds. Our satisfied business clients also began requesting our assistance in matters falling outside of insurance coverage resulting in the expansion of our practice into property acquisitions, commercial leases, real estate transactions and employment practices. Over the past 34 years we have developed expertise in virtually every legal issue your business may face, whether covered by insurance or not. For our insurance and claims management clients we offer the commitment that your business insureds will be more than satisfied with our representation, making us a valuable asset for your claims and sales departments.

Our litigation success is based on a “peace through strength” philosophy. Our relentless defense of frivolous, fraudulent and inflated claims combined with our tenacious determination to take each and every case to verdict if necessary, enables our clients to achieve their optimal result in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. Based on our many years of adhering to this philosophy our reputation precedes us in many legal circles; providing our clients a more expeditious path to favorable resolution.

While the end result is a critical metric in assessing the quality of your legal representation, value is of equal importance to our clients. We are dedicated to providing the most forceful, efficient and cost-effective legal services possible; as demonstrated by our loyal following of insurance industry clients - the most demanding and discerning consumers of legal services. It is now standard practice in the insurance industry that all legal billings must pass a stringent audit process before being paid. We thrive under such scrutiny and deliver the same exceptional level of value to all our clients.

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Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

We have successfully handled personal injury cases ranging from low impact soft tissue claims to severe burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death. The sad fact of bodily injury litigation is that it is rife with fraud Whether facing a false claim or exaggerated injury, we have the skill, knowledge and expertise to resolve valid claims for no more than their actual value and to defeat fraudulent claims in every forum we encounter them.

automotive industry

We have represented countless new and used car, motorcycle and RV dealers throughout California against allegations of consumer fraud, discrimination, defective repairs, unfair competition, lemon law, premises liability and virtually every other kind of litigation plaguing the automotive industry. We are also experts in representing auto finance lenders, auto dealer surety bond issuers and automobile manufacturers in lemon law and product liability litigation.


Individuals who suffer serious injuries related to vaccinations that persist for six months or more are limited to bringing a claim under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. There is a lengthy list of injuries that are recognized complications of the various vaccinations administered in the U.S. All such claims must be brought exclusively in the United States Court of Federal Claims based in Washington, D.C. Mr. Sidran is one only a few lawyers in California, Colorado and Nevada both admitted to practice in the Court of Federal Claims and experienced in handling vaccine injury claims.


We provide a full range of services to employers facing claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, as well as wage and hour litigation. We represent clients before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Labor Commissioner, Employment Development Department as well as the State and Federal Courts of California, Colorado and Nevada.

Construction InDustry

We specialize in representing owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers regarding litigation over construction defects, construction delays, construction billing, construction site injuries, mechanic’s liens, stop notices, water damage, fire losses, earth movement, indemnity and insurance coverage.

real estate

Real estate disputes can be some of the most contentious litigation a civil attorney encounters. Emotions can run high in disputes between neighbors over disputed boundaries, nuisances, encroachments, encumbrances, easements and rights of way. Additionally, residential and commercial evictions require strict compliance with complicated statutes that are skewed in favor of tenants and against Landlords. We specialize in representing residential and commercial property owners in a wide variety of real estate disputes, finding creative solutions to seemingly insoluble conflicts and proceeding to trial when a settlement cannot be reached.

Consumer Protection

The complex web of consumer protection statutes in California makes doing business here especially challenging. We are experts in handling claims under California’s Unfair Competition Law, Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Automobile Sales Finance Act, Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, Vehicle Leasing Act, Unruh Civil Rights Act, as well as virtually every other regulatory scheme in which your business may become entangled.

Business litigation

We are experienced in helping our clients succeed in a wide variety of business disputes, including acquisitions, partner and shareholder disputes, misappropriation of trade-secrets, unfair competition, commercial leases, real estate transactions and Americans With Disabilities Act litigation.

property damage

We have extensive experience in handling all manner of property damage claims, including those resulting from fires, floods, landslides, earth movement, theft, nuisance and inverse condemnation, including those in which damages are sought for cost of repair, diminution in value, business interruption losses and relocation expenses. We are adept at defending businesses from such claims while also aggressively representing insurers subrogating to recover what they have paid out on such claims to their insureds on account of the negligence of third parties.